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Admin panel introduction

After you have successfully logged in from the TE Login page, “Admin panel” will open in your browser. It was was designed to be intuitive and user friendly for both beginner and experienced webmasters.

at the top of your page allows you to perform the most basic actions in TE - switch between different menus, access various tools and settings, view basic information.

# Action Description
1. Refresh button: will refresh the menu you are currently using (if you wish to refresh the entire page, use browser refresh option).
2. View site button: opens your site in a new tab.
3. URL to CMS: URL to your CMS login page. To set it, click on the icon and enter the correct URL in the “CMS login URL” accordion.
4. Network pull down menu: opens a list of sites in your network. Click on the preferred one and it will open in a new tab.

1. Server load: displays server load averages for the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes. Click on the button to open the Server load window.
2. Date and time: displays current date and time. Click on the button to set your time zone.
3. Maintenance drop down menu: Convert to paid, File integrity check, System info or Update manager.
4. Tools drop down menu: Backup, Dynamic skim, System logs, IP block list, Auto blocking or IP whitelist.
5. Settings drop down menu: General settings, Outgoing redirections, Outgoing list, Custom algorithm, Mailer, Good, Normal, Bad, Sign-up page or Blacklist window.
6. User drop down menu: User manager, Allowed IPs, Manual, Forum, Changelog or Logout.

TE offers such an extensive array of features, it would be completely impossible and impractical to manage everything on just one page. Therefore we've separated them into seven different menus, accessible from the main header. Each menu covers a particular traffic trading action, is designed to be user friendly and supports a large amount of customizations.

# Action Description
1. Overview is your main working area and is designed to give you a general overview of your trades and their stats.
2. Hourly gives you a detailed hour by hour statistics overview for the last 24 hours.
3. Pages
4. Network displays preferred statistics for all the sites in your network.
5. Niches displays a list of your active and inactive trades. You can assign trades to the niches you create.
6. History overview history data for your traffic trading with stats and graphs. Choose between simple and detailed history.
7. Toplist create, manage and edit your toplists.


Directly below header adjusts to the menu you are currently using, therefore some action buttons it contains are different from menu to menu.

Pop-up windows

A single mouse click on a button will open a “pop-up window” in the foreground of the interface.

All TE3 “pop-up windows” can be draged, resized, maximized, closed,  refreshed refreshed, some can open additional graph pop-up windows. You can open multiple pop-up windows at the same time, they will even stay opened, when you switch to a different menu.


All TE3 menus and pop-up windows are equipped with a Help button, which will guide you to related information in our User manual.

Stats table

displays statistics and other data for desired trades. Information in the “Stats table” adjusts to the chosen menu and chosen interface. It can be fully customized to your requirements and displays data in columns, sorted into sections.

Data for trades is displayed in rows beneath the “Stats table” header. Trades are sorted into five categories according to their type, with a summary of stats for each category:

  1. trades
  2. trades
  3. trades
  4. trades
  5. trades

Each category is also ringed with a different color in the “Stats table”.

You can edit single trades and view various stats for them with three “Tool” icons“ in “Action” column:

  • Edit icon: opens an Edit trade window for a desired trade
  • Graph icon: displays graphs for a desired trade (a “Daily” or “Monthly” graph)
  • Multi task icon: opens a Quick stats pop-up window for a desired trade (select a quick stat you wish to inspect)

You can even edit certain settings for single trades directly from the “Stats table” using Quick edit - click on a table cell you wish to edit and a “Quick edit” pop-up will open.

Mass edit panel

Mass edit panel allows you to perform the same action (edit, reset, delete…) on multiple trades at the same time. Check box trades in the stats table and Mass edit panel will automatically slide-up from the bottom.

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