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Trade sign-up page

“Trade sign-up page” is an external page where webmasters can sign-up for a trade with your site. It can be found here:

You can configure and control “Trade sign-up page” inside admin interface: expand “Settings” drop-down menu and open the “Sign-up page” window.

"Sign-up page" window explained

Tip for beginner users: open “Trade sign-up page” into a new tab and inspect, how it modifies as you change settings in the “Sign-up page” window. Perhaps sign-up a test trade, so you can see how it works.

Thirteen accordions allow you to fully customize settings and specify requirements for webmasters:

Webmaster sign up page:

Webmaster statistics

My info

Show site stats

Trading rules

Required trade rank

Required info from webmasters

Advanced (default values)

Forces (default values)

Capping (default values)

Default preselected niches

Allow webmasters to select the following niches on the webmaster's page

Update sign-up page settings on other sites in network

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