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Trade types

Due to the complexity and constant fluctuations of traffic trading process, it would be impractical to manage all your trades under one category. Some trades are active, some inactive, sometimes you are buying or selling traffic, some of your visitors are referred to your site by search engines, some come through bookmarks…

TE3 sorts trades into four groups - Normal trades (Active and Inactive), Feeders, Sellers and System trades.

Each trade type is ringed with a different color in the “Stats table”. This allows you to identify them more easily and to manage them more efficiently.

Each section also contains a stats summary for the respective trade type.

Normal trades

Are trades your are trading your traffic with. You can add them to your site yourself (using Add trade) or webmasters can sign them up (through your Sign-up page) and you can also delete them. Navigate to the Overview menu - your normal trades are listed in an index, with a separate row containing Domain name and preferred stats for each trade. Normal trades are sorted into two sections, according to the status you assign them:

  1. trades - you are sending them traffic
  2. trades - you are NOT sending them traffic

Special trades

Traffic trading is a highly dynamic process and you may decide you need to buy additional traffic (when done properly, you can more then repay your investment by increasing your overall traffic). Conversely you may choose to sell some of your traffic. Since both actions involve traffic brokers and not normal trades, those are listed as special trades:

  1. trades - Learn more,
  2. trades - Learn more.

System trades

System trades are pre-added into the database by default and they cannot be deleted or inactivated:

Exclude from stats: Each system trade can be excluded from the total summary stats. If you would like to do that, navigate to the Overview menu, click on the “Edit” icon for the respective system trade and uncheck the Include this system trade in the total summary checkbox.

Outgoing redirections can be set for all system trades and proxy. Before applying any changes, carefully read about outgoing redirections and recommendations for each individual system trade.

You can find detailed description of what system trades are for and how to use them effeciently here.

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