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Convert from free to paid licence

Menu: Maintenance / Convert from free to paid licence

We have free and paid version of TE3 available. Both versions are equal, except that the free version takes a small percentage of your traffic as a “payment”. Start using free version on your sites today. You can convert them into paid versions with a single click from the admin interface at any time in the future.

Regardless if you are going to use free or paid version, you have to register first. Installation packages can be downloaded from the customer's area and payments for the paid version can be made from the “customer's area” as well. Installation process is the same for both versions, you will be asked for your customer username & password. The advantage is that you have all your licences (free & paid) under one account and if you decide to upgrade a free copy to a paid copy, the process is very simple.

Once you buy a paid licence, you simply login to your TE, open “Convert from free to paid licence” from the “maintenance” drop-down and click on the Upgrade link to confirm your action.

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