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System logs

Menu: Tools / System logs

“System logs” module displays a chronological report of operations realated to your TE3. Inspect which operations were performed and by what module.

Visual presentation

| 1. | Date
Date and time of the operation. Records are listed chronologically.

| 1. | Module
Inspect, which module performed a certain operation.

| 1. | IP
IP address the command for an operation originated from. Click on the individual IP to open the IP lookup window and inspect a detailed description of that IP address. This information is provided via a whois command.

| 1. | Message
Generalized informational description of the operation.

| 1. | Clear all
Clear all “System logs” entries.

The Purpose of “System log” is to keep track of what is happening with your TE3. It reports information about logins and remote logins (rlogin), customizations and editing, added and delete trades, operations associated with your Network and more.

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