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File integrity check

Menu: Maintenance / File integrity check

This TE3 feature is your anti-hacker tool. MD5 sum checker algorithm computes a 128-bit hash value (also called checksum) - a 32 digit hexadecimal number for all your TE3 files except data files (obviously those cannot be sumchecked - they change as the data they include gets altered). “File integrity check” will verify your TE3 for any corrupted or hidden files and notify you if any alterations are detected.

Navigate to Maintenance drop-down menu in Header bar and select “File integrity check”. “File integrity” window displays your TE3 files and directories in form of a tree view (note that every directory includes a .htaccess file for aditional security). When you click Update button TE3 will recompute cheksums for all files and verify them. You will be able to instantly identify any unauthorized files - “File integrity” will display their status in red font as:

  • Unknown: unknown file,
  • MD5 failure: file's sumcheck is incorrect (file was altered),
  • Problem inside: unauthorized files are hidden inside directories (open directory to inspect their status).


To delete unwanted files, click Delete unknown files.

There is a chance you won't be able to delete certain files due to server permissions. You should resolve such cases with your server provider.

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