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1. What do I do if I forget my password?

Option 1:
Try to use Forgotten password service at the bottom of the login page to retrieve it.

If it doesn't work, because the e-mail you have entered at the installation stage is incorrect or it does not exist, you can edit file /te3/tedata/idata/userdb.dat (using FTP) and alter e-mail address for user admin. When done, you can retry with Forgotten password service.

Option 2:
You can edit file /te3/tedata/idata/userdb.dat (using FTP) and replace your current encrypted password string with the following string: VCt7szPMGa7kzl7FmQ6Dc119a37b85
This string stands for password test. Once done, try to login with Username: admin, Password: test.

2. What happens if I have my IP on the Allowed list and my provider changes my IP - how will I be able to login to my TE3 admin?

TE3 creates your_TE3_directory/tedata/idata/allowed.dat, when you add an IP to the Allowed IPs list. Simply delete the file using FTP.
You can add your new IP to the “Allowed IPs” once you login.

3. Which algorithm should I use?

You can choose between several different algorithms. We recommend everyone to use algorithm Value (set by default), since it is the most complex and productive one.

4. Can I create thumb toplists with TE3?

Yes. You can grab thumbs from trades (automatically or manually) with our “Thumb grabber” module. Check out our thumb toplist tutorial and learn how to grab thumbs from trades, manage thumbs and how to create toplists with TE3.

5. How do I disable Thumb Grabber?

To disable automatic downloading, navigate to Toplist / Thumb grabber and enter 0 into Download every input field.

6. I want to sell traffic from selected trades only?

Option 1:

Add a new seller; select all trades in “Don't sell traffic from selected trades” accordion and deselect those trades you want to sell traffic from (use CTRL + left mouse click to deselect the preferred trades).

Option 2:

Create a new niche and assign preferred trades to it. Next, create a new seller and select the new niche in “Sell only traffic from selected niches” accordion.

7. How can I add the same seller domain multiple times?

Let's say you want to sell niche-specific traffic to a traffic broker. You will not be able to add multiple sellers with the same domain in their return URLs.

Example - adding two sellers with the same domain:

TE3 will add the first seller and use its domain name,, but when you want to add the next seller, this domain is already taken and you will get an error message Domain name already exist!. What you can do instead is:

1. Add two sellers with different domain names, for example:

2. Rename their Return URLs: into into

You now have two sellers in your database, and and you are selling traffic from both to the same broker,

8. How can I sell traffic to broker using skim schemes

You can sell your traffic through special Seller trades. TE3 allows two options to sell your traffic:

9. Productivity question - what does ''Prod TG'' 1.3 mean?

Q: I am having a somewhat difficult time understanding productivity numbers in TE3 - typically i see 50%,100%,150%, etc on other scripts, but here I see 1.2, 0.43, etc. and do not really know how to translate that into what kind of productivity my surfers are producing.

A: It's quite simple 50% is 0.5 in TE3, 100% is 1.00, 150% is 1.50.

If sent you 100 incoming raw hits and produced 130 total clicks (Clk TG) then Prod TG = 1.30, which means that the average surfer clicked 1.3 times on your site. Some trade scripts translate that into 130%, which is the same thing.

10. Oversending trades at the bottom of the trade list

Q: I have a couple of trades at the bottom of my DB, that are sending me no, or almost no traffic. Why is TE3 still sending traffic to those trades? It doesn't make sense to send it out, when I'm not receiving any clicks back…

A: Oversending trades at the bottom of the trade DB is nothing unusual and nothing to worry about.

Let's explain this with an example:
Trade DB contains 50 trades. Worst 10 trades are sending you in small amounts of traffic or not sending (and producing) anything at all. The question is… for what reason are those trades still getting some traffic back?

First of all, you have to understand TE3 sends out only uniques and it won't send a surfer to the same site twice. When a surfer clicks one of your out links, TE3 will first send him to the trade you owe most traffic to. If the surfer keeps clicking, TE3 will send him to the next trade on the outgoing list and the next one and the next one…if he clicks 50 times trade productive, he will visit all the trades in your DB.

Naturally, every website also receives traffic from spiders & bots that click more than 50 times. This is nothing unusual and we wouldn't recommend blocking them, because you could block search engine spiders by doing that.

11. Can I manage more than one site from one panel

Q: Is it possible to add more sites and manage them from the same panel? I can manage them individually creating the TE3 directory for each domain (domains are in different root).

A: If you have two or more websites managed by TE3, you will definitely want to link them together into a “Network”. You'll be able to monitor and control multiple sites from the “Network” menu, as well as sync almost any action you perform on one site to your other sites. Check out this tutorial and learn how to link sites together.

12. Does TE3 work with WordPress?

Yes. However, if you are using caching, you will have to use the alternative method of incoming tracking - JavaScript tracking. Check out our step by step guide on how to setup JavaScript tracking.

13. Where can I find the security key?

Navigate to “Network” menu.

Click Manage sites button to open “Manage sites” pop-up window.

14. Where do I find trades?

You can trade traffic with any site that is willing to trade (you are not limited to sites using TE3 script). We usually suggest to look for sites with similar content (e.g. tgp, tube, mpg…). Visit some of the larger sites, check their toplists to see who they're trading with and you can add these trades as well. This is a simple way to find trades.

Once you have some trades in your database and you are already trading traffic, you can look at the toplist of your top 5 most successful trades - there is a good chance, other trades on their toplists will work well for you too.

15. How do I rename TE3 directory on a running site?

When you rename te3 directory, all links on your site will immediately become broken. If your site is already getting traffic, we recommend the following instead: include out.php directly into the root html directory of the domain (public html).

Create an empty file something.php and include your_te3_directory/out.php in that file (<?php include “your_te3_directory/out.php”; ?>). Since you've only INCLUDED “out.php” into “something.php”, it means that out.php still exists intact in the original location. ⇒ Now you have two different ways of accessing your outgoing links. You can link like this:

or like this

We recommend this method, since BOTH links work at the same time and you won't experience broken links on your site while you are switching them from old to the new paths.

16. I enabled HTTPS on my website and now my trade partners who use HTTP count all my traffic under "No referrer"

If your website has a valid HTTPS certificate installed, there are possible issues to consider:

1. Browsers do not pass on referrer information from HTTPS to HTTP sites. This means the target site will see your traffic as “No referrer”, i.e. they cannot distinguish such hits from a user who directly typed in the URL.

The solution is to place a “meta referrer tag” in the <head> section of your HTML:

<meta name="referrer" content="unsafe-url">

This tag will always send the full URL of your referring pages.

2. You need to make sure that either variable $_SERVER['HTTPS'], or variable $_SERVER['HTTPS'] is set to on. You can check it by creating a simple test.php file and placing the following code into it:

if (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on')
  echo HTTPS is working';
  echo 'HTTPS is missing';

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