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Update manager

Menu: Maintenance / Update manager

Your TE3 will periodically check for updates (once a day). If there is an update available, there will be an exclamation icon displayed next to Maintenance drop down menu:

There are two methods for updating TE:

We recommend you update TE3 from the admin panel:

Visual presentation

Expand Maintenance drop-down menu.

Click Update manager. “Update manager” pop-up window displays your current TE3 version and possible updates available.

You can also update other sites in your network - select sites from the multiple select box.

If there is an update available click button.

2. Update TE3 using ''install.php'' (alternative method)

If you are not able to update TE3 directly from the “Admin panel” (due to server permissions, etc.), you can perform update using install.php.

How to update TE3 using "instal.php"

Installation program “install.php” detects that TE is already installed on your site and therefore it won't perform new installation, it will only update your TE in a way that avoids overwriting any user content - it will update binary (php) files and convert file database if necessary, your data will remain intact.

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