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Trade algorithms

Menu: Overview / Edit trade / Advanced accordion

You can choose between standard and fixed algorithms:

1. Standard algorithms

These are the algorithms you will use most often. The default and most recommended algorithm is Value.

Simplified calculations for standard algorithms are listed below.

  • Raw:
    Owed ratio = Raw / Out T * Ratio

  • Unique:
    Owed ratio = Uniq / Out T * Ratio

  • Value:
    Owed ratio = Clk T / Out T * Ratio

2. Fixed algorithms

You should only use fixed algorithms when absolutely neccessary and even then, try to limit usage only to small amount of trades. In any circumstance, do not set more than 25% trades to fixed algorithms.

  • Raw (fixed):
    Owed ratio = Raw / Out T * Ratio

  • Unique (fixed):
    Owed ratio = Uniq / Out T * Ratio

  • Clk T (fixed):
    Owed ratio = Clk T / Out T * Ratio

Custom algorithm

Click on the “Settings” drop down menu in the “Main header” and open the “Custom algorithm” window. You can edit two settings for algorithms:

  • Ratio between “last 60 mins” and “last 24 hours”:
    By default, “last 60 mins” / “last 24 hours” ratio is set to 0% : 100%. Experiment all your want, but we don’t recommend setting “last 60 mins” part to more than 50%. Affected trade types are: raw, unique and value.

  • Productivity weight:
    If you would like to extra reward your productive trades, even if they don't deserve more traffic based on trade's value, you can set productivity weight to somewhere between 10 - 40%. Default value is 0%. Affected trade types are: Raw, unique, value and custom.

If you prefer to use custom algorithm for your trading, enter your Custom formula.

Available custom algorithm parameters:

  • Last 24 hours: 24raw, 24uniq, 24clk_tg, 24clk_t, 24clk_g, 24out, 24prod_tgm, 24prod_tg,
  • Last 60 mins: 60raw, 60uniq, 60clk_tg, 60clk_t, 60clk_g, 60out, 60prod_tgm, 60prod_tg,
  • Last 7 days: 7d_raw, 7d_uniq, 7d_clk_tg, 7d_clk_t, 7d_clk_g, 7d_out, 7d_prod_tgm, 7d_prod_tg,
  • Other: ratio, quality, 24bonusperc, 60bonusperc.

You should only use custom algorithm if you are a user with very specific requirements. Built-in algorithms are good enough for nearly everyone.

You can also update custom algorithm settings on other sites in network. To proceed, select sites from the multiple select box and click Update.

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