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Update manager

Your TE3 will periodically check for updates (once a day). If there is an update available, there will be an exclamation icon displayed next to Maintenance drop down menu: Learn more

Server moves

Learn how to move your TE3 to a new server and preserve all the data. Learn more

File integrity check

File integrity check will verify your TE3 for any corrupted or hidden files and notify you if any alterations are detected. Learn more

Anti cheat

IP block list module

Allows you to manually block IPs you decide to be suspicious, to automatically block IPs based on settings you determine and to allow exceptions for IP addresses of your choice. Learn more

Cheat logs

TE3 logs IP addresses of all surfers who have visited your site over the past 24 hours. IPs that produced the most clicks get listed in the “Cheat logs” window, which greatly simplifies detection of repetetive occuring IPs and other types of abnormal traffic activities. Learn more


TE3 can check for visitors who surf with disabled JavaScript - compare “No JS” stats for individual trades and detect potential cheat bots. Learn more

Good, normal, bad

Demographic quality of the traffic is being measured by the GNB module (Good, normal, bad), based on the country groups and their weights. This information can help you detect potential cheaters sending you “bad” traffic in exchange for your “good” traffic. Optionally you can include GNB quality ratio in the algorithms for outgoing traffic distribution. Learn more


With Niches you can group trades with similar content. This allows you to send more targetted traffic to your trades, which should increase your external productivity. Learn more

Outgoing redirections

In “Outgoing redirections” window you can configure outgoing redirections for all system trades and proxy. You can also set special settings for system trades Exout and Bounced. Learn more

Traffic distribution

Trade algorithms

You can choose between standard algorithms (Raw, Unique, Value) and fixed algorithms (Raw, Unique, Clk T), or even use your custom formula. The most productive and recommended algorithm - Value - is set by default. Learn more

Outgoing lists

“Outgoing list” is a list of your active trades, with a certain amount of percentage assigned to them. The percentage represents the probability at which traffic should be sent to the particular trade and is calculated from the Owed ratio and preset Weights. Learn more

Dynamic skimming

Dynamic skim module can be set to automatically adjust Skim values on your site, based on the conditions you set. This module is disabled by default. Learn more


You can set up to 6 capping types (conditions) for each trade. All of them, except Max prod, are disabled by default. You should only enable any type of capping, if you have a very good reason for that. Learn more

External feature

Let your trades know which trades the surfers you're sending them have already visited. Your out.php module can pass “External feature” parameter to your trades and your trades can pass “External feature” parameter to you. Learn more


Can be set to send e-mail notifications based on different events and conditions. For example, notification e-mail can be sent to you when a new trade is added through the Sign-up page. Learn more

Network menu

If you have TE3 installed on two or more domains, you should definitely link them togeher to create a network. You'll be able to monitor and control multiple sites on a single page, and more:

  • Link sites together: you must have at least two TE3 sites linked together, otherwise “Network” features have no meaning Learn more
  • Network menu: view summary stats for all domains in your network, switch between sites, synchronize sites, export trades, blacklists, interfaces… Learn more
  • Network sync: most of TE3 pop-up windows are equipped with a “Network sync” function - you can sync your updates, changes etc. to preferred sites without even switching to “Network” menu. Learn more
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