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In case of a data loss event (system failure, partial hard disk failure, accidental mass delete of trades…) you can restore original data from a backup. There are two methods to create a backup:

  1. Automatically: backup is generated every 12 hours by default. To set a different time period navigate to Settings / General settings / Main

  2. Manually: open “Backup” module from Header / Tools menu:

Visual presentation
Upload backup
Upload backup from your personal computer.

Click to restore data from the selected backup.

Click to download selected backup file from server to your personal computer (we advise you to use this function once or twice a month).

Click to delete selected record.

Backup whole data
Click checkbox, then Create backup and include data from all TE3 logs, data for referrers… (such files are extremely comprehensive, especially if you manage a large site - we recommend “standard” backup instead).

Creation date of backup (calculated from Unix Time Stamp).

Consists of three parameters: backup_Time Stamp_Number of trades.tgz (e.g. backup_1405349220_80.tgz). We advise against renaming backup files - file date is calculated from Time Stamp within file name and it will no longer be valid).

File size
Backup file size.

Num. of trades
Number of trades in your database.

Create backup
Create a new backup.

You should only use backup in case of a data loss event. Note, that after you initiate Restore all settings will be configured according to data from the selected backup and statistics will probably no longer be current (use Reset function of Mass edit panel).

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