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Menu: Settings / Mailer

“Mailer” can be set to send e-mail notifications based on different events and conditions.

Scheduler settings

Template driven Stats report can be e-mailed to you periodically at certain times or dates set in the “Scheduler”.


E-mails will be sent to an address specified in the "Manage users" menu

If you would like e-mail notifications to be sent to a different address, click Manage users button and set the preferred primary e-mail address in the Manage users window.

Mailing rules

Send e-mail notifications based on conditions you set. By default, there are no conditions set.

Add record
Add a new condition to the “Mailing rules” table. You can add as many conditions as you like, but you will probably need just a few.

Delete record
Delete a condition.

Successive number
Successive number of the condition.

Time select
Set the time frame of the condition (choose between Last 60 min and Last 24 hours).

Parameter select
Select the paramater for condition (choose between Raw, Uniq, Clk T, Clk TG, Prod TG and value).

lower than / higher than
Specify if the parameter values need to be lower than or higher than the set number in order for the condition to be fulfilled.

Set number
Specify the number parameters must exceed in order for the condition to be fulfilled.

E-mail notification will include all conditions fulfilled. Conditions are checked every minute by the pseudo-cron. Notification for each condition is sent only once, otherwise you would be getting e-mail notifications regarding the same conditions every minute.

New trade notification

Send e-mail notification every time new trade is added through the Sign-up page. This option is enabled by default. You can customize e-mail template.

Update mailer settings on other sites in network

Network sync function allows you to update mailer settings on other sites in your network. To proceed, select sites from the multiple select box.

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