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Login page can be found on this URL:

To login, enter username admin and password that was e-mailed to you. If you enter wrong user & pass combination for more than 3 times, you'll have to pass challenge-response test, used to ensure that the login is not generated by a computer.

Once you login successfully, your session will expire in 24 hours of inactivity. It will also expire, if you close your browser completely (all instances). If you select Keep me logged in for 2 weeks option, your session will expire in 14 days of inactivity. Session will remain active, even if you restart your computer.

Do not use Keep me logged in for 2 weeks option on public computers.

  • News feed: News feed loaded from our web server. We'll keep you informed about all important details.

  • Forgotten password: If you ever forget your password, use Forgotten password service at the bottom of the login page to retrieve it. Password reset link will be sent to your primary e-mail. By default, this is the same e-mail that you have used for installation. Primary e-mail can be changed in the "User / User manager" window.

First time log in

During your first log in, you will need to properly categorize your site. Select the correct type and niche for your site from the drop-down menu and click Update. After your initial log in, the “First Time Log In” function is no longer activated.

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