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TE3 logs IP addresses of all surfers who have visited your site over the past 24 hours. IPs that produced the most clicks get listed in the “Cheat logs” window, which greatly simplifies detection of repetetive occuring IPs and other types of abnormal traffic activities.

Click on Quick stats icon Cheat and open the “Cheat logs” pop-up window with a list of IPs that produced the most clicks, sorted acording to Raw, Clk TG or Prod TG. Select IPs you wish to add to the IP Blocklist, check box them, set Duration from 1 minute to Never expire and click Add button.

To inspect “Cheat logs” for an individual trade click on the Multi task icon for a desired trade in the “Action” column, open a “Quick stats“ drop-down menu and select .

Visual presentation

# Action Description
1. Raw, Clk TG, Out T sort “Cheat logs” IP list according to Raw, Clk TG, or Out T.
2. Max rows specify maximum number of rows displayed.
3. Raw, Clk TG, Out T number of Raw, Clk TG, Out T clicks produced.
4. IP block list open the IP block list pop-up window.
5. IP whitelist open the IP whitelist pop-up window.
6. Checkbox checkbox one or multiple records you wish to add to “IP block list”. There is a mass checkbox option - click on it to select or deselect all entries.
7. Status status can be “Blocked” (this IP is on the “IP block list”), “Trusted” (This IP is on the “IP whitelist”), or “empty” (this IP has not been added to the “IP block list” or to the “IP whitelist”).
8. IP address click on the individual IP to open the IP lookup window and inspect a detailed description of that IP address. This information is provided via a whois command.
9. Proxy if proxy was detected using environment variables, Yes will appear in the field, otherwise the field will be empty.
10. Duration determine the time period you wish selected IP(s) to be included in the “IP block list” (from 1 min to Never expire).
11. Country country name.
12. Add selected IP(s) to “IP block list”.
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