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How to link sites together

In this example we will link two sites together (we'll use fictitious site 1 and site 2 for the purpose of the example):

Step by step

Login into the TE3 admin interface on both and and navigate to the “Network” menu on both sites.

Click Manage sites button and open Manage sites pop-up window on

Click button to add a new record.

Enter Title for the site you're adding.

Enter Login URL for

Enter security key from Security key can be found in the “Manage sites” window on

Click on the button. If has been added successfully, it will automatically get loaded in “Network” stats table:

After has been successfully added to, you have to repeat the procedure on (and add, or use the alternative method, described below:

Synchronize your network

The above mentioned procedure could prove time-consuming if you wish to link multiple sites. The alternative method is to simply synchronize your network:

Step by step

Close “Manage sites” menu on site1.

Check box site2 in the Action column of the Network menu.

Mass edit panel will automatically slide-up from the bottom - click on Sync sites button and site1 will be added to site2.

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