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Server move (how to move your TE3 to a new server)

To preserve all the data, you will have to copy te3 directory inside html directory from your old server to your new server. There are several methods how this can be done, we'll describe just one of them here:

  1. Connect to your old server using SSH protocol and cd into the html directory for the respective domain.

  2. Create an archive of the te3 directory inside html directory on the old server: tar czf archive.tar.gz te3

  3. Download archive.tar.gz to your local machine using your favorite FTP client and then upload it (in binary mode) into the public_html folder on the new server.

  4. Connect to your new server using SSH protocol and cd into the html for the respective domain.

  5. Extract files from the archive.tar.gz using the following command: tar xzf archive.tar.gz
    You should have a te3 directory (including all the sub-directories and files) inside html directory on your new server now.

  6. If name servers for the domain are still pointing to the old server (which is usually the case), you will have to make sure your local machine resolves the domain on the new server in order to access the TE admin interface through the web browser on the new server. You will have to add the domain with the new IP to the “hosts” file on your local machine.

  7. Navigate to and download the installation package.

  8. Extract the installation package you have downloaded and upload install.php into your public_html/your_TE3_directory/ directory in binary mode. Chmod install.php to 755.

  9. Point your browser to and follow the instructions.

  10. After the installation is completed, you must delete install.php (recommended), or chmod it to 0.

It is extremely important to test if .htaccess protection is working properly.

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