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Default values

Menu: Overview / Add trade / Default values

Most of the settings for new trades can be preconfigured, which makes it easier and faster to add new trades (single or bulk) to your site. Open “New trade defaults” pop-up window: navigate to the “Overview”, click on the “Add trade” button and select Default values from the drop down menu.

You can preconfigure settings for new trades in five different accordions

  1. Network sync function allows you to update new trade default values on other sites in your network. To proceed, select sites from the multiple select box.

Preselected niches

If you are often using niches and you would like to have an option to select them in the Add trade window:

Step by step

Expand “preselected niches” accordion.

Set “Niches” radio button to on.

Now select preferred niches (use CTRL + left mouse click to select / deselect them).

Click to save your default settings.

New trades will now automatically be assigned to the preselected niches (you can still assign them to your other niches or unassign them in the “Add trade” window).

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