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Menu: Overview / Add trade / Add feeder (buy traffic)

Sometimes the only way that a new, unknown site can get traffic to their website is by buying it. Competing with large sites is tough, and sometimes, search engine optimization techniques arent enough to boost a new sites rankings in the search engines. Even established large sites can benefit from using this method.

Obviously you need targeted traffic (surfers searching for content compatible with your site) and with TE3 you'll be able to analyse purchased traffic and trully concentrate on traffic sources that convert well.

When you buy traffic from traffic brokers, they usually send it from multiple sources (domains). Special “feeder tracking” method allows you to track it all under one single trade. This gives you a nice stats overview for all the traffic they send you.

Add a new Buyer (feeder)

  1. Open “Add feeder” pop-up: Navigate to the “Overview” menu, click on the Add trade button and select “Add feeder (buy traffic)” from the drop down menu.

  2. Enter into the Feeder URL input. Although Feeder URL must be in a valid form, the domain itself doesn't really need to exist, because in.php module doesn't track feeder traffic “by referrer”, it tracks it “by parameter” instead. Domain name is for your reference only.

  3. Enter internal “skim or skim pattern” into the Skim input (optional). Related topic: Skimming

  4. Feeder tracking URL: your site is ready to accept traffic on:

  5. Bookmark protection: in.php module will only track feeder traffic referred from somewhere (anywhere), therefore if you will simply copy-paste tracking URL into your browser's address bar, it will be ignored. Here is why: When traffic broker is sending traffic to your tracking URL:, visitors can potentially “bookmark” your site with ? parameter included. When these visitors return to your site (e.g. in a few days) through bookmarks, they will be correctly counted under system trade “Bookmarks”, thanks to the “bookmarks protection”. If this protection didn't exist, these visitors would be misscounted under

  6. How to test it: Create a link to your “feeder tracking URL” on a sub page or on another domain that you own. When you click on that link, you should see traffic counted under “”.

Referrer productivity

Buyers (feeders) and system trades Unknown and Search Engines are expected to send traffic from multiple sources (domains). “Referrer productivity logs” pop-up window allows you to monitor Raw, Clk TG and Prod TG for each individual source (domain). You can access “Referrer productivity logs” for “Feeders”, “Unknown” and “Search engines” from the Quick stats drop-down menu.

Read more about referrer productivity!

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