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What is traffic trading

If you have a website, then you already know the importance of web traffic. You can significantly increase your traffic with traffic trading. Traffic trading is a process of sending a visitor to a partners site so they will send you one back. This can turn 1 visitor into 2 - your trade partner will receive a surfer from you, and repay the favor by sending you a different surfer back. This benefits both you and your partner as you have both received 2 surfers instead of just 1.

Some webmasters think it is bad to trade because you send surfers away. But people have to leave some time so why not try to get another visitor out of them.

How does it work

As you know web traffic is never constant, it is highly susceptible to sudden swings and you can't predict the number of visitors to your site at any given moment. Also, as your traffic grows, your trading will get more and more elaborate, the number of partners you trade with will increase and to run your operation efficiently will become virtually impossible. To trade well, you need to be able to track traffic from individual partners on any page of your site. You also need to be able to track how much you send to each individual partner. To help manage the process and automatize as much of it as possible, webmasters use traffic trade scripts.

TE3 traffic trading script can take care of almost every aspect of your operation. Once you have installed it you'll have to add a special tracking code on all pages that receive traffic (index page and all sub pages). TE3 will redirect traffic to content pages and to trade partners automatically and with the highest efficiency. It will analyse the quality of traffic that your trade partners return and constantly adjust to sudden bursts and drops of traffic in order to maximize your traffic.

Why TE3 is your best choice

TE3 is the fastest growing traffic trading script on the market today and there is a good reason for that. We've created a living and thinking monster that leaves the competition far behind. TE3 was designed to handle massive amounts of traffic using minimum server resources.

Due to its complete customizability it is the best choice for you, weather you are a beginner with a new site or a professional webmaster with a network of hundreds of sites. It is designed to be intuitive and user friendly and offers numerous features which help you oversee, analyse and control your trading.

Traffic trading tips

Obviously you need web traffic to begin trading and therefore the design and content of your website should be of highest priority. Once you have some traffic to start trading, sign up for a trade (bear in mind surfers visited your site because of its content - sign-up for trades with similar content). Make sure that you can send traffic to that trade as you will normally have to send/force them some traffic in advance to get the trade started.

If you are starting a new site, don't sign up for a lot of new trades all at once unless you have the traffic to support them. If you are not able to get the trades started, you will probably get deleted.

Buying traffic from traffic brokers is an important way to market your trade site. It brings more visitors to your site and therefore more traffic to trade with. But you should be avare that not all traffic is productive for your site and you should only buy surfers that work for you. TE3 offers you several methods of analysing traffic from “feeders” so you can really focus on the most productive surfers.

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