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Filter description toplist by niche

You already know how to create a description toplist. Let's filter this toplist by niche:

We'll be using ten fictitious trades (,,, …) for the purpose of this tutorial. If your database is empty at this stage, add ten of your trades. If your database includes more than ten trades, your results will differ from ours.

1. Add descriptions for your trades:

Navigate to the Toplist / Descriptions menu.

Since we'll be using 10 trades in this tutorial, let's add some descriptions for each trade - click icon for each trade and enter your description.

Click button to save your entries.

2. Assign trades to niches:

You will have to assign your trades to niches in order to filter your toplist by niche. We have created four niches and assigned our ten trades to some of them, like this:

3. Set your description toplist to filter by niche

To filter the description toplist from this tutorial, we'll have to edit it:

Step by step

Open “Edit toplist” window
Navigate to the Toplist / Templates menu, click on the Edit toplist button and open “Edit toplist” pop-up window for the selected toplist.

Enable Filter by niche option
Checkbox Filter by niche option to enable it.

Select preferred niches
Select niches from the list (use CTRL + left mouse click to select multiple niches). We want to filter our toplist by niche1 and niche2.

Save toplist
Click button in the bottom right corner.

4. Preview the toplist

TE3 will automatically generate the toplist, when you click Save button. Close “Add new” window and click icon to see the Preview of what the toplist will look like.

Ours looks like this:

Explanation: we have 10 trades in our database, but only five can be placed on this toplist - trades assigned to either niche1 or niche2

Note, If multiple descriptions exist for an individual trade, they'll be randomly rotated each time the toplist is generated, unless you want descriptions with specified positions.

5. Include toplist into your web page

After you have added or edited a toplist, you can include it into your web page!

  • Toplist templates - view toplist template syntax, learn how to add and manage toplists
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