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"Click back" and "Click back ratio"

“Click back” and “Click back ratio” parameters are another useful TE3 tools for analysing traffic.

“Click back” (CB) represents the number of surfers that were already sent out to a trade, but they “came back” to your site and clicked again - in other words, they closed the tab with your trade's website and continued clicking on your website. “Click back ratio” (CBR) represents ratio between Out T (outgoing hits sent to a trade + "free" forced hits) and click back (CB) hits.

The use of this information depends on your trading philosophy - higher CB and CBR will probably result in more clicks produced on your website. However, your trade partners presumably expect surfers to produce (at least some) clicks on their sites. If they are not satisfied with the traffic you are sending, they could decrease the trade or ultimately even stop trading with you altogether.

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