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Dynamic skimming

Menu: Tools / Dynamic skim

Dynamic skimming is an advanced feature for expert users with specific requirements. Before you start using it, you should carefully read and understand everything about “basic” skimming.

If traffic on your site decreses for one reason or another (server issues, bad set of thumbs, off-peak hours…), you can give it a little push to normalize it again. One way of doing this, is by temporarily sending part of the traffic, that would normally be sent to galleries, to trades instead. If trades get more traffic, they also send more in return, hence overall traffic on your site should increase. “Dynamic skimming” module can automatically adjust skim values on your site, based on the conditions you set.

To enable dynamic skimming open “Tools / Dynamic skim” pop-up, check Enable dynamic skim option in the toolbar and set at least one condition. By default, dynamic skimming module is disabled.

It is always advisable to enable Skim % and Skim pattern columns in the Overview menu, when you are managing skimming.

Statistics table

All parameters displayed in the Statistic table of the “Dynamic skim” module (Raw, Uniq in, Clk T, Clk TG, Out T, Prod TG and Ratio Raw) relate to Active summary (summary stats for active trades).

Enable dynamic skim for the following

Select options you want dynamic skimming to affect.

Note that including Bookmarks could temporarily increase your Clk T but you also run a serious risk of loosing (at least some of) those Bookmarks in the long run (you increase the chance they will get redirected and decrease the chance they will get to the content and they probably won't like that).

Even if skim value is 100: if skim value is set to 100 there is a 100% probability, a surfer will be sent to galleries. When you enable dynamic skim Even if skim value is 100, you reduce this probability by a specified percent (see examples below).

Existing conditions

To add a new condition, click on the icon in the “Existing conditions” table, specify new condition and click Save button. You can add as many conditions as you like, but probably you will need just one or maybe a few. If you add multiple conditions, they will be processed in the same order as they appear in the “Existing conditions” table (from top to bottom). If multiple conditions are fulfilled, skim value will be dynamically adjusted based on the first condition. You can change priority of the conditions by dragging them up or down the list (use Drag icon).


Network sync

Network sync function allows you to copy all settings from the Dynamic skim pop-up to the other sites in your network. To proceed, select sites from the multiple select box and click Save button.

You should always bear in mind that traffic flow to your site will never be constant. Dynamic skim can certainly be useful, but we strongly advise you to use it carefully - don't try to even out traffic flow, this feature is primarly designed to help guard against extraordinary events (temporary server problems, network problems…).

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