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Welcome to the Trade Expert help center

From this page you can navigate to documentation for each version.

Version 3.x

  • Installation: TE3 comes with a simple WEB installer, which makes it easy for anyone to install it by using only FTP access and a web browser - the whole process takes just 2 minutes.
  • Quick start: for the impatient - install and configure TE3 in 9 steps.
  • Selective guides: short descriptions of TE3 features - scroll through, decide if you want to Learn more about a certain topic and click on links for detailed information.

    • Basic: functions and features you may need in order to start traffic trading. “Basic guide” is organized to follow the logical process of a new TE3 user - getting familliar with our trading script, integrating it with your website, etc.

    • Advanced: a list of more avanced TE3 features - some can be useful for all webmasters, some only apply to webmasters with very specific requirements.
  • FAQ: a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about TE3, or if you need support, please visit our Forum.
  • Changelog: see what has been added to TE3 lately and what we are working on.
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