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Forces are essential for effective traffic trading. You can use them to start-up new trades and to keep the existing trades stable. Send (force) specified amount of traffic to individual trades based on the force conditions set.

Force types to choose from

When you set Instant hits, forcing starts immediately. The amount you set will be sent out to the respective trade(s) as soon as there is enough outgoing uniques available.

Per hour
Amount of hits to be sent per hour.

Force type Instant has priority over the Per hour.

For both force types, Instant and Per hour, you can choose between Free and Force hits.

Difference between Free and Force hits

There is a huge difference between the two. Look for the Out and Out T columns in both, “Last 60 mins” and “Last 24 hours”, sections.

  • Out (Outgoing): Normal outgoing traffic + Force hits.

  • Out T (Outgoing Total): Normal outgoing traffic + Force hits + Free hits.

Free hits are not included in the algorithms for outgoing traffic distribution, therefore they have no impact on the Owed ratio. All calculations are based on the Out parameter, while Out T exists for informational purposes only.

When Force hits are sent to a trade, Owed ratio increases for that trade. When Free hits are sent, Owed ratio remains unchanged.

In most cases, we recommend Free hits over Force hits. Based on our experience, Free hits (Instant and Per hour) work better for starting up new trades. Free hits (Per hour) also work better for keeping existing trades stable.

If you have only been using Force in the past, but you would like to experiment with Free, follow this rule: Set approx. 1/3 Free of what you would normally set Force. E.g., if you would normally set 90 Force (Instant or Per hour), you can set 30 Free instead.

How to efficiently control forces

You can set forces inside “Admin interface” for each trade individually - click Edit icon for a desired trade. To modify “forces” for multiple trades at the same time you should use Mass edit.

Example - set "forces" for a single trade

The most efficient method to control “forces” is to enable Free and Force columns in both, “Last 60 mins” and “Last 24 hours”, sections in the “Overview” menu (use Interface manager). There you can see an exact amount of Free and Force hits sent out to each individual trade in the respective period of time.

You should also enable every parameter in the “Forces” section: the two columns, Instant and Per hour (section Forces), give you a nice overview for all your “Forces” settings. To modify “forces”, simply click on the respective table cell in these two columns and a Quick edit window will open.

Example - set "forces" using Quick edit

Don't overset forces

All forces combined should never exceed 25% of what your site can send out per hour. If your traffic fluctuates, do not set forces to more than 25-30% of what your site sends out during the slowest hour. If your total sum Out T is 10000 per hour, don't set more than 2500 forces per hour.

Forces have priority over the rest of the outgoing traffic. More forces you set, less traffic is left available for outgoing distribution based on the trade algorithm. Some users even set more forces than they have outgoing traffic available. In such extreme cases, outgoing traffic distribution is based strictly on forces, which makes no sense at all.

You should also be careful, if you are using niches. Don't set more than 25% forces of what the respective niche group(s) can send out per hour.

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