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 +====== How to input new toplists ======
 +You can choose between two different input methods in the "Add new toplist"​ window:
 +===== 1. Form input (Web) =====
 +To add toplist template directly from the admin interface, select {{:​te3:​button_toplist_form.png?​nolink|}} method from the toolbar of the"​Add new" toplist window. Next, enter your template into the ''​Toplist template''​ field. Specify where would you like to save your template in the ''​Save template as''​ field, enter ''​File output path'',​ and click {{:​te3:​button_save.png?​nolink|}}.
 +===== 2. File input (FTP) =====
 +Create a toplist template using your favorite text editor and upload it by using "​FTP"​ into the ''​public_html''​ directory on your server. Select {{:​te3:​button_toplist_file.png?​nolink|}} method, specify ''​Template input''​ and ''​Output toplist as'',​ and click {{:​te3:​button_save.png?​nolink|}}
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