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 +====== System info ======
 +Menu: {{:​te3:​maintenance_logo.png?​nolink|}} ​ Maintenance / System info
 +“System info” module is used to track and provide various system related information. It also generates [[te3:​incoming:​standard|incoming tracking]] code with ''​your_TE3_directory''​ and ''​''​ already inserted. ​
 +<WRAP caution>
 +Since you can install TE3 on various types of setups, there are several incoming tracking codes available. Select the code according to your setup and add it on all pages that receive traffic. Only use one type of tracking code. 
 +=== Visual presentation ===
 +{{ :​te3:​sys_info1.png|}}
 + \\ \\ \\ 
 +{{:​te3:​tut_step_1.png?​nolink|}} **System info** \\ \\
 +{{:​te3:​tut_step_2.png?​nolink|}} **Standard incoming tracking code** \\ Most webmasters use either ''​.php'',​ or ''​.shtml''​ pages. ​
 + \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +{{:​te3:​tut_step_3.png?​nolink|}} **JavaScript incoming tracking code** \\ Only add it, if you are using caching - Wordpress users (Super Cache, Total Cache), Nginx caching, etc. 
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