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 +====== Tracking traffic and HTTPS ======
 +Over the past few years we are seeing a gradual shift from websites using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). HTTPS protocol enables secure connections and also brings potential positive SEO implications. ​
 +However, there'​s one major problem with the move: when a site using HTTPS refers traffic to a site that’s not using HTTPS, the HTTP Referrer header is lost - no referral data is sent along. ​
 +In other words, all traffic going from a trade with an HTTPS site to a trade with an HTTP site will be counted under ''​No referrer''​. The webmaster of the HTTPS site will have to take specific measures, so that traffic is tracked correctly on the HTTP site:
 +  *  Add ''<​meta name="​referrer"​ content="​unsafe-url">''​ in the ''<​head>''​ section of your HTML. This will enable you to send the complete referrer information with the request. \\ \\ 
 +  * An alternative is to add ''​referrerpolicy="​unsafe-url"''​ to individual links. Here's an example: \\ ''<​nowiki><​a target="​_blank"​ href="​https://​public_html/​your_te3_directory/​out.php?​s=100,​100:​2&​u=http://​"​ referrerpolicy="​unsafe-url">​out -> unsafe</​a></​nowiki>''​
 +You can read more about the meta referrer method here: [[https://​​blog/​meta-referrer-tag]]  ​
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